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There have probably been times when you are sitting in an Omaha auto glass or auto body shop and they are using a bunch of industry terms that you have never heard of. One of these terms may have been frit. We want you to be able to understand what your technicians are talking about when they are using such industry terms. Let us explain to you what frit is and how it is used on your vehicle.

Frit is actually a type of paint that is put around the perimeter of your auto glass. One thing frit does is it fuses to the auto glass surface. Frit will then make your auto glass more durable and a scratch resistant surface. Frit is used on your auto glass for two main reasons.

The first reason is a cosmetic one. It is used to cover interior trim and pinch weld details. When cars were first being made, they used to have wide moldings to cover up what would be exposed areas. Now, very thin if any molding is used on vehicles today. Since the molding is so small now, the frit is used even more. It needs to be there to cover the unfinished areas.

The second reason has to do with UV rays coming from the sun. It will not completely block UV rays, but it will significantly reduce the amount that is able to get through the glass. Having frit on your glass will actually help extend the life of the urethane adhesive on the auto glass. Without it being there, the adhesive will start to discolor and turn somewhat chalky. Therefore, the frit will help with UV rays getting into your car and it keeps the adhesive from turning into an unattractive color.

You may now be wondering how this frit is really applied to the glass. Frit is actually applied to your auto glass in the same type of way that a shirt is silk screened. Frit is actually applied to your auto glass in a type of design that is created for your vehicle. The image is then applied to your auto glass. The frit, which is almost like a paste type substance is put on top of this design. The technician will then use a squeegee to have the frit pass through the design and onto your auto glass. This step occurs to the glass before it has gone through the furnace and is molded into the shape you see on your car. The glass is actually still flat at this point of the process in order for the frit to be applied properly.

Frit comes in many different varieties as well. There are actually hundreds of types developed depending on the vehicle it is being applied to. It also comes in multiple different colors. The most commonly used colors are black, gray and white. Of course, frit does come in other colors; it really just depends on what the automotive dealer is using it for at that time.

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